GET /payrequests

GET /api/paymentengine/payrequests/:requestkey:

Gets the status of a pay requestkey.

Request Parameters


Example Request

curl --basic --user APIKEY:PINHASH \


Parameter Description
key Request key
expiration The expiration is the date/time the request will expire and no longer be valid.
status The status of the request. Possible Values are:
sending to device
sent to device
waiting for card dip
changing interfaces
customer see phone and tap again
processing payment
completing payment
capturing signature
signature capture error
transaction complete
transaction canceled
transaction failed
transaction Once the transaction has been processed, a transaction object will be added to the result.
complete Confirms if transaction is complete. Value will be: true or false. Please Note: A transaction object could be included in the response (signaling the transaction has been processed), and also receive complete:false. For example, if a Custom Flow is set and signature_required is included, the flag will show as complete:false until the signature has been captured.

Example Responses

Pending Payment

  "type": "request",
  "key": "pr_3mW7rstrdA0Sp32LW9MN3djCITAhx",
  "expiration": "2016-07-08 16:40:48",
  "status": "sent to device"

Payment Approved (with tokenization)

    "type": "request",
    "key": "pr_YF0Rg5UARsFTN9AItsIKXIczmwIWN",
    "status": "transaction complete",
    "transaction": {
        "type": "transaction",
        "key": "kdbbjsn49jsjy3gm",
        "refnum": "2226860110",
        "is_duplicate": "N",
        "result_code": "A",
        "result": "Approved",
        "authcode": "019930",
        "error": "Approved",
        "error_code": "00000",
        "iccdata": "{\"8A\":\"3030\"}",
        "proc_refnum": "",
        "auth_amount": "5.00",
        "avs": {
            "result_code": "YYY",
            "result": "Address: Match & 5 Digit Zip: Match"
        "cvc": {
            "result_code": "P",
            "result": "Not Processed"
        "signature_required": true,
        "creditcard": {
            "number": "4444xxxxxxxx1111",
            "type": "V",
            "cardholder": "DOE\/JOHN",
            "entry_mode": "Chip Read",
            "aid": "A0000000031010"
        "trantype": "Credit Card Sale",
        "complete": true