Type Getter Description
HashMap getGatewayTransactionResults() A HashMap containing the raw transaction response variables passed through from the gateway. (see below)
CVMRESULT getCvmResult() Indicates the card verification method used.
TreeMap getReceiptData() A TreeMap containing information required for generating a receipt (see below)
String getTransResponseCode()
String getDataSource() The source of the payment (i.e. 'swipe','tap', 'dip').
String getRawGatewayResponse() The raw transaction response string passed through from the gateway.
HashMap getTransData() Transaction Data (see below)
boolean hasError() True if the transaction did not complete successfully
UE_ERROR getError()
boolean isSignatureRequired() Indicates that a customer signature is required. This can either be handled by printing a signature line on the receipt or by capturing a signature digitally. The developer is responsible for submitting the signature image using the transaction adjust call.
HashMap getICCData() A HashMap containing the ICC Tags. These will be needed if manually generating a receipt.

Gateway Transactions Results

Result data from the gateway. Click here for more details. Not all variables will be returned depending on transaction type.

Key Description
UMstatus Status of the transaction. The possible values are: Approved, Partially Approved, Declined, Verification and Error.
UMauthCode Authorization number.
UMauthAmount Amount authorized. May be less than amount requested if UMenablePartialAuth=yes.
UMrefNum Transaction reference number
UMbatch Batch reference number. This will only be returned for sale and auth commands. Please Note: The batch number returned is for the batch that was open when the transaction was initiated. It is possible that the batch was closed while the transaction was processing. In this case, the transaction will get queued for the next batch to open.
UMremainingBalance Returns the balance remaining on some prepaid and stored value cards.
UMavsResult AVS result in readable format.
UMavsResultCode AVS result code.
UMcvv2Result CVV2 result in readable format.
UMcvv2ResultCode CVV2 result code.
UMvpasResultCode Verified by Visa (VPAS) or Mastercard SecureCode (UCAF) result code.
UMresult Transaction result. Possible values are: A, P, D, E, or V (for Verification)
UMerror Error description if UMstatus is Declined or Error.
UMerrorcode A numerical error code.
UMisDuplicate Indicates whether this transaction is a folded duplicate or not. 'Y' means that this transaction was flagged as duplicate and has already been processed. The details returned are from the original transaction. Send UMignoreDuplicate to override the duplicate folding.
UMconvertedAmount Amount converted to merchant's currency, when using a multi-currency processor.
UMconvertedAmountCurrency Merchant's currency, when using a multi-currency processor.
UMconversionRate Conversion rate used to convert currency, when using a multi-currency processor.
UMcustnum Customer reference number assigned by gateway. Returned only if UMaddcustomer=yes.
UMprocRefNum Transaction Reference number provided by backend processor (platform), blank if not available.
UMcardLevelResult Card Level Results (for Visa cards only), blank if no results provided.
UMcardRef Card reference token. 16-19 digit alphanumeric string. It is returned with dashes but it is not required that these be stored.
UMcardType The type of card that was submitted, i.e. Visa, MasterCard, Discover.
UMmaskedCardNum The masked out card number including the last 4 digits.

Receipt Data

If you are generating a receipt manually, ALL of these values are required. We recommend developers utilize the getReceipt() method instead.

Key Description
AID Name
command The command that was run.
error String describing error. In case of approval it may contain "Approved".
refNum Unique gateway assigned transaction reference number.
responseCode Response code, possible values are: A = Approved, D = Declined, E = error, P = partial approval.
transResult Long text of transaction response (i.e. "Approved").
transDataSource How was the card data read (ICC Chip).

Transaction Data

The data that was sent to the gateway for processing. See the field list on the startTransaction method() page.